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Syrian Drauka is a family style raiding guild on the Vulak'Aerr server in Everquest.  We strive to maintain a fun, lighthearted, and exciting atmosphere for all our members.  We raid three nights a week and while we always keep it fun we also know when to dig down and get serious.  We are currently progressing through the Planes of Power expansion and farming Shadows of Luclin content.  If you are interested in joining Syrian Drauka look for the "Join Syrian Drauka" link where you signed into the website!

Agnarr Dead! Welcome to Tier 3 Planes of Power!

Trevalon, Aug 21, 12 11:57 PM.

Syrian Drauka has been making some amazing headway lately! We have been farming Tier 1 and some Tier 2 for a few weeks now and all our hard work is paying off as all our raid is getting more geared out! Our tanks take less damage, our healers have more mana, and our dps is shooting through the roof!

Last week we downed Saryrn to finish off Tier 2 and then immediately went and owned Agnarr with a zero death flawless kill on our first attempt ever as a guild! Way to go Syrian Drauka

Terris Passed out at her own party, Ha what a lightweight!

WhoopsaDaisy, Aug 21, 12 9:35 AM.

Great job on Terris Thule Syrian Drauka!

Updated Website, New Officers, and Progression!

Trevalon, Jul 27, 12 5:56 PM.
Welcome to our updated website!  Over the next few days the website may be going through changes until we get it just right so it may look very different tomorrow!  If you have any comments or concerns about the website please direct them to Trev (or alts) in guild or vent.

The officers of Syrian Drauka want to congratulate our new officer promotions for the guild:

Tulivdar - Triad Guild Leader
Tokemn - Triad Guild Leader

Trevalon - Raid Leader
Vegetas - Raid Leader
Straxter - Associate Raid Leader

Raid Progression:

Lately our raid progression has been going great!

2 weeks ago:
    Arch Lich Rhag'Zadune, Xerkizh The Creator 

1 weeks ago:
    Manaetic Behemoth, Grummus, Aerin'Dar, and Terris Thule.

This week:
    Tallon Zek, Vallon Zek, Caprin Cycle, Bertoxxulous

As you can see our progression is jumping ahead by leaps and bounds and this is only the start! Everyone needs to be on every raid night they can so that we can continue to progress to even bigger and better mobs.  Look for new raid targets such as HoH trials, Agnarr, and Saryrn to be on our menu soon!

Raid Progression
Planes of Power
  Aerin'Dar Dead
  Agnarr Dead
  Bertoxullous Dead
  Coirnav DEAD
  Fennin Ro DEAD
  Grummus Dead
  Maiden's and Ogres Dead
  Manaetic Behemoth Dead
  Mithaniel Marr Dead
  Rallos Zek The Warlord Dead
  Ryda'Dar Dead
  Saryrn Dead
  Solusek Ro Dead
  Tallon Zek Dead
  Terris Thule Dead
  Vallon Zek Dead
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